Svetlana Honeyberry


2013-10-18 Svetlana honeyberry on spoon.jpg

* Tasty tart berries good fresh or processed
* Early blooming, early dormancy, very fast growing
* Susceptible to sunburn and powdery mildew, but these issues do not affect fruit production.
* Similar to Czech #17
* Mature height 6-8'
* Pollinizers: any early bloomer, plus Early-Mid bloomers in zones 1-4.
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Tundra Honeyberry

Tundra berries on bush x.jpg
Tundra berries on bush x.jpg

* Firm enough for commercial harvesting, yet tender enough to melt in your mouth
* Good for fresh eating as well as baking, but lower productivity.
* Early blooming
* Earlier ripening than Borealis
* V-shaped, more open bush than Borealis
* Very easy picking as berries are quite visible and drop easily, with few stems that stay attached.
* Less tangy than Borealis
* Mature height 4-5'
* Exellent berry for wine
* Pollenizers: Berry Smart Blue, Sugar Mountain® Blue, Svetlana, Honey Bee (Honey Bee may bloom later in zones 5-8)
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