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Under 1' tall potted haskap
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<1' tall potted cherries


Spring shipping: April 1 - May 21 (Note: for 2022 we plan to take orders and ship up to June 1 due to the cool spring) . Orders received in late May throughout the summer will be sent in late October/early November, and we will notify you. While early spring shipping is preferable for these cold-hardy plants, they have a track record of surviving several days in transit in warmer temps. Our software automatically sends an email with a tracking # when we ship out your order. We normally use the US Postal Service to send out order, but on ocassion, we use one of the other carriers so please carefully check your tracking #*.

If you have a preferred ship date, just let us know, otherwise approximate dates that we begin to ship (but dependent on weather and item ordered):

 Southern States: April 1
 Mid-latitude states: April 20
 Northern States: May 5

Alaska: May 12 (or possibly before to Anchorage, etc)

Summer shipping: We do not ship during summer.

Fall shipping: late October/early November (weather permitting) . Out of stock items will be listed in November for spring shipping.

Please note that we will do as much as we can to facilitate a timely shipment, but depending on various scheduling issues, your order may be delayed from the initial estimated ship date. If so, we will attempt to notify you via email and we greatly appreciate your patience. However, if you have not heard from us or received a tracking # within a week of expected shipping, or have other questions, you are welcome to contact us. During the busiest weeks, we mail out orders all five days of the week. One day extra layover is not a problem as we ensure the roots are moist enough for several days of travel. Please note that Paypal states your order will be shipped within 1-5 days. I don't know how to change Paypal's statement that we will ship in 1-5 days as we cannot always guarantee 1-5 days due to various scheduling contstraints, but we will do our best to work with you according to your needs if you just drop us a note. And finally, it is the customer's responsibility to monitor the tracking/delivery of their package, tho we will assist as much as we can with any claims. usps and ups insure up to $100 for lost or damaged packages.

A penny for your thoughts - you're welcome to specify a requested ship date (sorry, Paypal requires .01 or just send us an email for free):

Add preferred Ship Date for $.01

Availability: We will notify you in as timely a manner as possible if we are out of stock on an item and not send you a substitute prior to checking with you.

Shipping & Handling:

Orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail, UPS ground, or Speedee Delivery, with expected delivery of 1-5 business days depending on your location. In 2022 USPS drastically increased the cost of packages 23" or longer, so we may need to make adjustments upon shipment. Estimated shipping/handling rates:

MN, ND, SD, WI, IA: 1-4 items: $15; 5-9: $20; 10-19: $25; 20-39: $30; 40-59: $40; 60+: $.60/plant
AK: 1-4 items: $25; 5-9: $37.50; 10-19: $50 20-39: $65; 40+: $2/plant
(Spring 2022 USPS hiked up rates for long boxes - will invoice for extra plants) Please note boxes > 30" long may be subject to a $15 surcharge or more as USPS has increased their long box rate. We will invoice you for the extra shipping or likewise, if the plants are short and we are able to fit them into a small box, we will refund excessive shipping charges. Other States: 1-4 items: $20; 5-9: $25; 10-19: $30, 20-39: $40; 40-49: $50; 50+: $1.25/plant
Larger/taller plants, typically those over 2' tall, may incur shipping charges of approx 15% of order.
Local pickup: Please
contact us by phone or email

Honeyberry 4-Pack and 6-Pack specials ship for the price of 1 item.

Canada: We recommend you look for a supplier in Canada such as Whiffle Tree Farm & Nursery
International: We are sorry we cannot ship cherries to the European Union. Some honeyberries are not licensed for shipping outside of Canada and the USA. Please check with us and with your country's department of agriculture regarding importing plants. A phytosanitary certificate ($81), mileage ($44) and time for the inspector ($90) and handling fee of $20 will cost a total of $235 plus air mail. Bare root plants can be shipped when they are dormant during our early November and early April shipping periods. We will work with you to achieve the best possible success, but due to to factors beyond our control during shipping and customs, we are unable to provide the same guarantee as for national shipping. You are welcome to contact us with any further questions.


Pricelist - Wholesale pricing is based on # of plants per species (e.x. all honeyberries for pricing discount). Please contact us by phone, snail mail, or email, with your order of 50 or more plants.
Catalog - 8 pages of variety info not as up to date as our website, but handy for printing out.


Payment will be accepted by Cash, Check, Money Order, Credit Card (Paypal handles the transactions, but no Paypal account is necessary), or Paypal account. We are unable to accept credit card numbers over the phone, but if you contact us by phone or email we will be happy to send you an invoice payable by check.

We are very sorry if your credit card was not accepted online. We encounter this problem occasionally and there is not much we can do about it. It is Paypal that is the gateway for the credit card companies. Please try with a different card or we would be happy to receive a check or money order.

25% down on orders over 100 plants, remainder due prior to shipping. 6.875% tax will be added to MN orders.
Drop down lists refer to price per # of plants. E.x. 1-9: $19 indicates $19 per plant for quantities of 1-9, 10-19: $16 refers to $16/plant per quantities of 10-19. You are welcome to combine all varieties in any species for the quantity discount. E.x. 10 cherries of any variety qualifies for the 10-19 price.

Guarantee & Planting Instructions:

Plants are guaranteed to be in good health when shipped. We specify the expected heights but ocassionally plants may be shorter or taller. If they are significantly different in size (more than several inches) we will attempt to notify you prior to shipping or knock a few bucks off. Plants propagated the previous year are shipped in early spring. They will most likely still be dormant. Actively growing plants propagated this year may be shipped in late spring and fall. All plants have a healthy root system, which is of greater consequence than the actual shipped size. Small sized plants are normally shipped in 2.5" pots, larger ones may be potted in 2.5" or larger pots or dug and shipped bareroot. Please view our Flickr site for Customer Submitted fotos.

If there is any problem with your order, please notify us within two weeks and we work with you to resolve any issues. We issue credit or refunds for any plants that do not break dormancy. We normally send replacements in mid to late May or the following fall. Unfortunately, due to all the variable factors in fall planting we are unable to extend any guarantee over the winter. Be sure to follow planting and care instructions and view a short planting video

Our varieties of honeyberries are recommended for zones 2-5, considered adaptable to zones 6, and somewhat experimental for zones 7-8 (later blooming varieties only). Great care should be given to plants in the warmer zones, planting in partial to full shade and given extra water.

We are not responsible for damage due to shipping error, flood, fire, drought, insect, bird, deer, rabbit, mouse, excessive warm or cold temperatures and unfavorable growing conditions.

We are not a high-falutin' corporation so while we take care to package the plants, we do not use individual plastic form fitted enclosures, so ocassionally labels may fall off and plants may be jostled in shipping.

We will supply larger sizes per availability. In the case a smaller size shipped, a refund for the difference will be issued.

In the case we are unable to supply a certain item due to factors beyond our control (weather, supply from our propagators, etc.) we will notify our customers and place item on back order for the following year.

Note on spring vs fall planting: So far, spring planting has shown higher survival rates than fall planting. More factors are involved in fall planting which are hard to measure, whereas with spring planting one can tell within a few weeks if the plant is going to survive. But scheduling and other factors may still make it worthwhile to plant in the fall.

Growing Instructions:

We refer you to the experts for general fruit tree growing: Orchard People

  • Irrigation: Podcast Episode 75

  • Propagation:

    Any propagation of any plants under Plant Breeders Rights is strictly prohibited without a license agreement with the breeder or designated authority.

    Ask an Expert: offers one-to-one expert answers from Cooperative Extension/University staff and volunteers from across the United States. The latest version expands that one-to-one relationship via the ability to make questions and answers publicly available, on an opt-in basis.


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