I was excited to see any berries in the first year. My 1-1/2 year old kept asking "More Honeybooberries daddy?" The wife likes them a lot better than normal blueberries. The "melting" quality of the berries is her favorite attribute, along with the more distinct taste. Chad, MN

When I first ordered you convinced me to get honey berries. Thanks, because they're excellent! Steve, NY

I received my 2 Honeyberry plants and the Aurora plant looked kind of scrawny. While planting them I fell and broke my ankle and my son had to finish the planting. Now just 3 weeks later my ankle is healing and both the Honeyberry plants look fantastic!! I still need to stake them to keep ours and the neighbors lawnmowers away. I am really surprised at their looks as they are booming! Thank you for the order – one of the few mail order plants I have bought that have done this well so soon. Happy planter with a sore ankle, Bill, IN

Hi - I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying my honeyberries! I got them from you in 2012 so this is their third year. Last year there were just a few berries and I let the birds have them. This year they have been loaded! I brought some to my friends at our food buying club to sample and they loved them, so you may be getting some more orders from this neck of the woods. We've been enjoying them fresh, in muffins, and I've also frozen some. They taste a lot like my highbush blueberries, which won't be coming in until late July and August. They don't hold on the bush as long as blueberries, but their earliness makes them so worth it! And sure enough, they are here before the strawberries. The bushes are very attractive in their own right. They would look great in a foundation planting around the house, even if you never ate a single berry. Thanks for doing what you do! Jamila, ME

Wanted to let you know that are Honeyberry plants are doing well. Did see some small berries on some of our Tundra plants... we did lose 3 Borealis and 1 Tundra plan out of our shipment (of 300). We will probably be purchasing some more plants this next year so keep in touch. Lynne, WI

Plants arrived in great shape. I was impressed with the quality. The stems were thick and they even have little buds wanting to burst out. Clyde, TX

Thanks, Bernis, for the beautiful plants. I planted them immediately, am keeping them well-watered, and they are already shooting out new growth! I wasn't sure how they'd take the high heat we've had, but they seem to be doing fine. Annette, PA

Thank you again for such super help, service, plants, etc. Should you have a place for testimonials I can most certainly do that for the quality of your plants, your helpfulness and getting the plants out to me so quickly. The plants arrived in super shape and I am thoroughly pleased. Mary, ME



My Carmine Jewel arrived in wonderful condition. The buds were just beginning to open. You shipped during a nice cool spell, I planted it immediately & we got a big rain the very next day. I'd say we're on our way. I will probably getting back to you in the spring for more honey berries. Virginia, ND

Yes the cherries survived! I watered them everyday. I have them in pots so I can move them to the shade in the heat of the day. Susan, TX

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I just sampled my honeyberry wine from last year's harvest. Yum! We made some jam and concluded honeyberry is our new favorite -- Jan's previous favorite was blueberry with raspberry a close second. My previous favorites were the same, but in reverse order. Now it's honeyberry!!! Then Jan made a glaze to put over a pork roast. Wow - she hit a home run with that one. Two nights later we had a chicken breast with more of that same glaze; even better! Tom, Upsala, MN